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Nugget# 118 Life lessons from an ATM machine!

images (14)Hi friends,

Hope you are doing fine. This nugget came to me quite recently when I went to withdraw money from an ATM machine. I inserted the card and waited for further instruction so that I could complete my transaction. However, there was no response from the machine no matter how many times I tried in different ways. I then left the kiosk sadly wondering whether I had made some mistake. I returned to my car and told my father what had happened.Immediately without missing a beat,he suggested to try the other ATM bank located nearby. I was suddenly filled with new hope and walking into the kiosk entered my pin number. I was delighted to hear the instant whirring of the machine and watch the money come through in different denominations exactly as I wanted it. I collected the money and stepped out happily. Any guesses about my choice of ATM machine next time I needed one? Definitely the second choice had become my first choice in a matter of moments. Let’s see how we could apply this to our life.

1) In our journey of life , we meet different kinds of people for the first time and sometimes no matter how hard we try,we simply cannot go ahead with that relationship since there’s no proper response from the other side. Sometimes we just have to walk out without guilt or condemnation that we have not done enough to make that relationship work.

2) We should not keep ourselves so deep in thought about the previous relationship that we miss out on the better oportunities just next to us. In my experience with the ATM, deep in thought i missed noticing the nearby ATM kiosk. Fortunately , my father pointed it out to me. Sometimes in life however, there may not be anyone to point out to us and we may just miss the golden opportunity that was awaiting us. Thus, in life too we must always keep an open mind and  be optimistic so that we do not miss out on any further chances in life to accomplish our (3)

3) The second ATM machine  not only gave me money but presented it to me in sufficient smaller denominations so that I wouldn’t have to go through the difficulty of obtaining change later on. Similarly in life , sometimes we come across people who not only accept our friendship but also go the extra mile to make sure that we too are happy in the relationship. Such friends are the best kind of friends. They are the ones we treasure the most in life.
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Nugget of Life : “Many people will walk in and out of your life,but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.”- Eleanor Roosevelt

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Nugget # 9 Life is like a jigsaw puzzle!

“Life is like a Jigsaw Puzzle without the picture on the box”-Author Unknown


All of us are familiar with jigsaw puzzles. We usually start off by looking at the picture on the box and use that as a guideline to help us put the individual pieces where they belong. In the process of completing the puzzle, we may refer more than once to the completed picture when we are doubtful. It is exciting to watch how all the individual pieces finally come together and make the complete picture.

However, what if you were given all the individual pieces but no picture as a guideline? Would it be as easy or as fun? I doubt it…many of us would just push away the pieces for some other day. It is the uncertainty of knowing what to look for that actually makes the task seem more tedious than it should have been.

The same thing is applicable in our lives too. We are given a whole lot of pieces (our jobs/ careers/ health/ finances/spouses/children/relatives/friends/neighbors/societies/our responsibilities/duties/our dreams/our goals/our talents/our time/our spirituality/our interests/our hobbies, etc)….a million and one pieces that keep on increasing day by day. With no picture to guide us, we may get frustrated trying to fit in the available pieces one by one.

But what if the Creator of the Picture puzzle suddenly comes in and guides us piece by piece telling us which piece goes where. Suddenly, we don’t need to see the picture because we know that we are in safe hands and can see that we are progressing in the right direction.

As we slowly finish off the individual pieces, our excitement levels are at its peak. The best part is saved for the last and we get a surprise on seeing the completed picture at the end! Suddenly we realize that this was the best picture puzzle game that we have ever played.

NUGGET OF LIFE: Each day of your life is like another individual piece in the puzzle.Take care of the individual pieces and the big picture will take care of itself!

 And for those of you who may be missing a piece in the jigsaw puzzle of your life, here is a clue:


 Sparky laurie

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