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Nugget # 111 Life Influences from the Movie ‘Front of the Class’!

Front_of_the_Class_posterHi friends,

Hope this has been a pleasant week for you. Recently, I watched ‘Front of the Class’ which is a 2008 American drama film on the life of Nationally Recognized Teacher & Motivational Speaker Brad Cohen. This Hallmark Hall of Fame movie is based on Brad’s book Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had.

This nugget is one where instead of drawing life lessons, I’d like to highlight some inspiring people from the life of Brad Cohen, who have been influential in making him the winner he is today! Brad never let his challenges with Tourette’s come in the way of achieving his dreams.

At the onset of the movie, we find the 12 year old Brad who lives (in Missouri) with his divorcee mom Ellen and kid brother Jeff; get into all kinds of trouble with his dad as well as his teachers at school because his TS tics are unfortunately misunderstood to be his antics!  He is labelled the prankster and in one rather disturbing scene in the movie, he is made by his teacher to go to the front of the class and apologize for his disturbing behavior and promise that he would never to do that again. Brad’s mum, in her quest for answers lands up in a library where she comes across Tourette’s syndrome in a medical book. Hopefully, she seeks professional advice from a Doctor who agrees on her diagnosis (on the basis of symptoms) that Brad may be having TS but informs them that TS was incurable. In an effort to find others with TS, Brad’s mother drags him into a support group. Here, he finds a sorry group of people who have accepted TS as their disability & surrendered themselves to a secondary existence, giving up any dreams of achieving success in life. The only lesson Brad learns from them is never to become victims of TS like them. award

BRAD’S MUM- WHO ALWAYS BELIEVED IN HER SON & ENCOURAGED HIM NEVER TO GIVE UP HIS DREAM OF BECOMING A TEACHER ONE DAY, Tourette’s / No Tourette’s! * [A word to Parents, never underestimate the enormous role you play in molding your children’s future.]

At the beginning of middle school, Brad gets into trouble with his TS and is sent to the principal’s office who invites him to the school concert. At the end of the concert, (which is disrupted by Brad’s TS tics), the Principal calls Brad up to the stage and asks him to talk about his Tourette’s. He addresses the crowd & explains to them how TS was a disorder of the brain & that he didn’t like making the tic sounds any more than they liked hearing them, concluding that all he wanted was to be treated like anyone else. As Brad uncertainly makes his way back to his seat after his small speech, the school applauds him. It is then that Brad realizes the power of education. At this life- changing moment, Brad decides to make teaching his career.

awardTHE PRINCIPAL OF BRAD’S MIDDLE SCHOOL – who takes the time to talk to the boy about the real purpose of EDUCATION [which is to wipe out ignorance with knowledge]; more importantly, it is Mr PRINCIPAL who encourages Brad to educate the school about TS. This encouraging & noble act of his is pivotal in opening a door to a brand new world for him. Brad made that life changing decision that day – to become the Teacher he never had– *[ A word to Teachers, never get so bogged down by the never ending pending deadlines, futile inspections and heaps of test paper books for correction, that you lose sight of  the real purpose of education.]

As an adult, living in Georgia with his friend Ron, Brad’s primary focus is to get a job as a school teacher. He is used to being asked about his pet dog when interviewers call him & hear his TS related barks. We discover his amazing winning attitude as he answers those queries with humor. However, after being rejected in 24 interviews (because of his TS),we find a rather dejected Brad lying on his couch. It is at his darkest moment that Brad’s step mom visits him. Though he is definitely not pleased to meet her initially, her parting remark that ‘he had a gift to teach, and it was not in spite of his Tourette’s, but because of it ‘ gives him the strength to dream again. award

BRAD’S STEP MOM- Even though Brad does not appreciate her visit and doesn’t even make the effort to hide it, yet I love the way this amazing woman leaves him only after throwing in a spark of hope into his otherwise dismal day!  Many a time, our well-intended acts of help may be ignored, sometimes despised. Yet, we can learn from Brad’s step mom, how to do our bit;  irrespective of the response we get and then, just as she did, leave the place a little brighter than it was before. I’m sure that Brad would agree that his step mom on that day , played a major role in encouraging him not to give up, that too just before his final interview.

Soon after this, Brad finally gets his break when he gets an interview call from a school who accepts him (TS & all) & is ready to give him a chance. On the very first day, Brad explains to the children about his constant companion Tourette. He brightens their lives by bringing joy & wonder into it. He especially impresses the terminally ill Heather & helps the problem child Thomas. His out of the box teaching techniques are frowned upon at first but later on appreciated. award

THE SCHOOL WHO GAVE HIM A CHANCE- It is the Mountain View Elementary School, Georgia who accepted Brad and saw beyond the Tourette’s – which is the only thing that the other 24 schools who had rejected him had seen. I salute the Board who gave Brad both the courage & the opportunity to prove himself. We later learn that this turns out to be the schools’ best decision as Brad goes on to win the First Year Teacher of the Year Award in the State of Georgia for their School that year.   *[A word to those in authority, to those who have the opportunity to recruit others. Has prejudice ever clouded your perceptions? Do you have the eyes to see beyond the obvious? Do you look down intimidatingly/critically at that nervous/eager interviewee across the table? Wouldn’t it be better to just cut him some slack, maybe even smile as you remember how years before someone else had sat across you from that table &  believed in you enough to give you a chance?]

As regards his social life, Brad’s estranged relationship with his dad is restored & he also starts dating Nancy, who shares similar musical interests. They hit it off from the very start. When asked about whether his TS noises bothered her, she simply says Not when I compare them to the noises other guys make. You know, like, braggers, loud-talkers, egocentric, humor– challenged idiots.  Seriously, no. Your noises don’t bother me at all.” We can’t help but feel happy for Brad who has finally found his match!

awardNANCY- It’s quite refreshing to see someone who sees beyond Brad’s tics & who hears beyond his TS noises. She doesn’t even seem to notice what is obvious to everyone else. On being questioned about this, her reply is simply so profound. *[The world would be such a better place if there were more people like Nancy who see beyond the superficiality & accept/ appreciate people for who they really are.]

At the end of the movie, like the cherry on the cake, Brad wins the Sallie Mae First Year Teacher of the Year Award for his outstanding teaching & positive role model abilities. His other victories are his Master’s degree; fulfillment of his lifelong ambition (to be dressed up as Homer-the Atlanta Braves mascot) & marrying his sweet heart Nancy in 2006. Now that’s what I call living life king-size!



Nugget of Life: “Everyone, regardless of ability or disability, has strengths and weaknesses. Know what yours are. Build on your strengths and find a way around your weaknesses.” – Brad Cohen, (Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had)

Have a great week!


Sparky Laurie


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Nugget # 12 Life is like Juggling!

Of late it has been very difficult for me to find a few quiet moments to sit down and type a few words….and imagine my relief on reading similar struggles by many of you Mommy Bloggers! This post is applicable to everyone out there who wants to make it big in life and who sometimes find it a little tough! However I specially dedicate this post to all you brave Mommy Bloggers & Granny Bloggers who are pursuing their dreams of writing as well as taking care of little ones in spite of the many odds against them.

Dear friend, have you felt this way? You are in the kitchen cooking and out of the blue an idea just hits you….you head towards your laptop excitedly and slowly visualize the fuzzy idea taking shape and form and you start your tap dance on the key board….suddenly a cry from your little one (who just a few moments back had been happily playing with blocks) has managed to climb onto his toy box from which he suddenly slips and falls down. You now run to your crying child; quickly aborting your unfinished draft! …. At the end of the day things now calmer, you return to the keyboard and think of the earlier brainwave and sadly notice that it has lost its spark and turned cold so keep it on the shelf for another day which most probably will never come? It may be a comment you want to make on a blogpost that you thoroughly enjoyed …when something comes up and you forget….or that phone call to your best friend that you keep putting off and which never seems to happen because you’re waiting for a quieter moment with no screaming in the background?Talk about good intentions going astray!!!

Many times,we know exactly what we want but it’s as if our life is dictated by a 100 other factors …you have no complaints…I mean you sincerely love your life and wouldn’t trade it for anything else but wonder whether it sometimes gets you sidetracked from all that you want to accomplish in life? It can be compared to the having the remote control in hand and knowing which channel you want to see but just watching a TV show you hate playing because there are no batteries in the remote control and you are lazy or tired to get up and change the channel or get some batteries?

I must admit in the past few weeks, I’ve genuinely been torn between the desire to channel my creativity to pursue my dream of a writing career and being a loving and fully dedicated mommy and home maker….I have often found telling myself that maybe I need to put off writing for a more convenient time when things are a little less demanding ……maybe I need to slow down and that is what I have been sharing in my last few posts. But then again … I remind myself that life is not all about black and white and …this or that….we need to learn to swim in the shades of grey in between….that we mommies too need a few moments of sacred solitude to reach down into the depths of our spirits and souls which are so very essential to redeem and restore our sanity….and then a new word hits me- BALANCE

These days I am learning that Life is all about Balance…..something very similar to juggling balls. We all have our very own special balls to juggle- some choose to have more than others: career, family, children, academics, household work, writing, health, sports, relationships, friends, spiritual activities etc.It’s all about learning how to position each ball right so that we balance them all right without any falling down. With practice and the maturity of experience, we may someday become professionals at the juggling game and then maybe handle a few more balls with speed and ease!

Happy Juggling!

 Nugget of Life: While juggling the balls, it’s okay if some balls fall down   sometimes as long as we remember to pick them up and start all over with a sharper focus- getting better each time!


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Sparky Laurie

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