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Nugget # 93 Life lesson from an Electric Insect Killer Bat!


Hi friends,

It’s been a while now…., hope all of you are doing well. This morning as I was peacefully sitting and enjoying some music with the windows open for fresh air circulation, I watched a fly enter the room. Within moments my serenity was gone as I was now totally distracted by the insect flying all around me. Agitated, I immediately reached out for my Electric Insect Killer Bat and started to sway it around. It was then that I realized that as I had failed to plug it in, there was not enough electric charge and hence it was useless. I immediately plugged the bat into a power source and waited for it to recharge, that is when this nugget hit me.

All of us are just like that electric fly swatter with immense potential and abilities. We are designed with exactly what we need in ourselves to achieve our God given purpose in life, but there is a catch…..just like that electric fly swatter was ineffective because it hadn’t been plugged into the power source and hence there was no charge in it, similarly no matter how great the potential within us, we will be unable to do anything unless we are charged into our power source- the Lord God Almighty. Trying in our own strength to make things happen is just as frustrating as swaying around the uncharged fly swatter. No matter how long or how hard we try, we will not be able to achieve success; instead we may get sore arms and be filled with disillusionment and self doubt.

The time spent in recharging the electric fly swatter was not a waste, as within a matter of 15 minutes, the bat was fully charged and fit to be used. I aimed and swayed it ….and that was the end of the pest! How similar is our case, as we draw power from God Almighty by spending time in prayer and the Word of God, we become dynamite and are filled with strength from above to fulfill our calling here on earth with an ease and confidence, how can we not succeed then?

funny-fly-swatter-smiley-emoticonNugget of Life: “Spending time in God’s presence is like the process of making tea. The longer the tea bag rests in the boiling hot water, the stronger the tea becomes.”- Author unknown

Have a great week!


Sparky Laurie


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Nugget # 65 Life is like a See-saw!

Hi friends,

This week I would like to compare Life to a See-saw.

Life is like a See-saw with its every ‘down’, there is an ‘up’.

As mentioned in my earlier post, many times things change in our life rather unexpectedly. People change, situations change, obstacles and problems change and we learn to change in order to cope with this ever changing life. Just as for the see-saw to be proper in its functioning, it has to be in movement with one side up and the other side down, the see-saw of life too is never static and always changes with one side up and the other side down. The only one constant in this See-saw of Life is our relationship with God.

While on the Down-side of life, it is good to remember the eaglet story in which the momma eagle pushes her baby off the edge in order that it will flap its wings and learn to fly first and then soar high. Often we may feel the dread of the little eaglet as we reach the edge of the precipice and are pushed hard by the hand of circumstance into the unknown.  But as we step out of our comfort zone, we can be sure of one thing and that is we can never fall beyond where His able hands will catch us. It is in such situations that we learn of an inner strength that we possess that helps us to let go and let God and that becomes our Up-side! 🙂

Nugget of Life: “It is always darkest before the dawn, so if it’s your down phase now, hang in there because your up phase is right round the corner”

Have a wonderful week,


Sparky Laurie


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Nugget # 63 Life lesson from a Hot Air Balloon!

Hi friends,

This week I’d like to share a life lesson from a hot air balloon.

The mechanism of the hot air balloon is pretty simple; it works on the principle that since hot air is lighter than cold air, when the air inside the balloon is heated up, it causes the balloon to rise and when the air inside the balloon is cooled it causes the balloon to sink. In this manner the air pilot can maneuver the balloon and the people can enjoy their ride.

The hot air balloons before the modern period used to have sandbags (see pic) to weigh them down until lift off and after that the sand was gradually dumped for the balloon to gain height in the air. The same thing is applicable in human life also.

Often in order to rise high in life we may have to cut off heavy weights that keep us down. These may be in the form of bad habits like laziness /being short tempered / sloppiness or having the wrong kind of friends, sometimes even memories of past failures. As long as they weigh us down, we will never be able to rise to heights in life. Just like the sand bags are dumped before the take off  by cutting the ropes attached to them, we too must sever all those things that hold us back from being able to ride high and being all that we want to be in life.

Click to watch MR BEAN and his HOT AIR BALLOON Ride!



Nugget of Life: Let go of the things that weigh you down so that there will then be enough room in your life to welcome the things that could lift you up.

Have a terrific week.


Sparky Laurie


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Nugget # 45 Life is a song!

Life is a song, sing it!

Hi friends,

There are some people though we may never have met in life ,yet bring so much happiness to our days  that when they leave us all on a sudden, we feel a sense of loss , an emptiness because quite often,even unknown to us they actually held such a special place in our hearts. These are people of POWER and influence who have conquered not by war but by love. The beloved Mother Teresa , Lovely Princess Di  are some such unforgettable personalties whose  life songs continue to linger on our lips long after they have left us,not because they were perfect people but because they were people who genuinely loved and cared. Today the world all over grieves the demise of another such amazing woman who sang her way into our hearts and this post is for you our lovely  Whitney Houston. Thanks for singing your way through life and brightening so many of our days with your love.We will always love you Whitney!

Click here to enjoy my fav Whitney song  which made her the best selling single female artist in music history. “I will always love you”- from “The Body Guard”

Nugget of Life : Life is a Song. Make sure you sing yours so beautifully that when its time for you to go, you will have left behind endless musical echoes resounding!:)

Have an awesome week!


Sparky Laurie


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Nugget # 29 Life is like Boxing!

Fight one more round when your feet are so tired that you have to shuffle back to the centre of the ring.Fight one more round when your arms are so tired that you can hardly lift your hands to come on guard.Fight one more round when your nose is bleeding and your eyes are black and you are so tired that you wish your opponent would rack you in the jaw and put you to sleep.Fight one more round remembering that the man who always fights one more round is never whipped.”- James Corbett, the famous boxer.

Hi friends,

I recently watched SAAWARIYA, which I didn’t really like but from which I got this lovely gem which is the real inspiration behind this post. In the first half of the movie the protagonist, the charming Saawariya (Ranbir) meets the lovely Sakina (Sonam Kapoor) for the first time. On seeing her downcast eyes, he enacts to her this life changing truth that puts into her (and I hope into you too today) , the spirit to FIGHT ONE MORE ROUND!

Ranbir Raj : “Pretend life is like a boxing ring and unhappiness is your opponent. It has countless hands but you have two. If it appears before you, don’t be afraid. Look straight into its eyes…. understand and gauge its strength and then ….[don’t forget unhappiness is a very strong opponent.] Now start fighting. Move. Bounce. It will first get you in the face. You will be hurt. No worries, keep fighting. With the next hit, you will fall but the trick is to stand up and face it. Because if you give up by the 3rd round, then every punch will fill your eyes with tears, every jab will steal the smile from your lips. By the 5th round, it’ll force its way into your home…and snatch away all happiness. By the 6th round, everything you love will be finished. It will be a total knock out and the winner will be unhappiness….Yes! Yes! Yes!…..

Ranbir’s tone is so powerfully challenging that we scream back along with Sakina – NO! and we are encouraged to Fight one More Round just as she did …. she laughs and so does he;  mission accomplished! I liked the ending of the movie where we see him fighting one more round, this time alone but – the opponent (unhappiness)and the spot remain the same! 😉

In my attempt to share the above truth with you, I looked up BOXING for the first time ever and came across this amazing write up from which I learnt some really interesting and new things about Boxing. Below are some of the highlights. To enjoy the excellent piece, click here.

1) Boxing is a reflection of life. It has both the nasty and the good things we experience in life- greed and hate, dishonesty and corruption, pain and failure pride and grace, honor and nobility, honesty and pure pleasure.

2) Boxing is about Self discipline & Dedication: It is a sport of constant training of both the body and mind. Unlike in team sports, in boxing there is no one else to depend on but yourself.

3) Boxing is about mental strength- A fighter can be in perfect shape. His skills can be sharp as a razor, his reflexes can be honed like a jungle cat, but if his mind is not strong his body will fail. “The battle has already begun and the bell for round one has not even rung.”

4) Boxing gives you the greatest feeling in the world. It makes you feel alive. Is there any joy greater than the taste of victory? Is there anything more bitter then defeat?

5) Boxing is the struggle to be the best. It’s poetry in motion. It is art at its highest form. It’s the sweet science. It’s watching two professionals with a true understanding of the trade putting on a show.

6) Boxing is about giving everything you have- determination, durability & power but it is also a sport of self discovery. Fighters are the most special of people. They understand that it’s their job to get into a ring and fight another person, but they also understand that it’s a time of self-discovery.

7) Boxing like life, is an individual sport; ultimately, it is up to the individual to fail or succeed.

–  Source: Why I love Boxing –James Roll (East Side Boxing)

Wow…I loved that amazing write up… and now, can you believe it?  I love BOXING!!! 😉


Nugget of Life :  When life punches you in the face and you find yourself hurt and flat on the floor, remind yourself that YOU are a champion, gingerly get up, brace yourself and then FIGHT ONE MORE ROUND! YOU will definitely be the winner.


Enjoy this inspiring BOXING Video: Click :


 Happy Boxing! Have a great week.


Sparky Laurie


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Nugget # 18 Life is like a Rubik’s Cube

“Life is like a Rubik’s cube – sometimes you have to make it worse before you can make it better.”

The Rubik’s Cube is a “magic cube” invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik. Originally intended for his students to better understand 3D structures; today it is the world’s top selling puzzle game.

There are about 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible permutations for a Rubik’s cube but there is only 1 right solution! I mean, can things ever get more complicated than that? And the amazing thing is that any Rubik’s Cube can be solved in less than or equal to 22 moves! Children of Man play with and successfully master the complex Rubik’s Cube, and yet Man doubts himself when it comes to dealing with the complexities of his life!

I agree, Life is complicated but now, let’s put things in proper perspective : Life is unfair but it is unfair to everyone, so life is fair! What happens to us does not really matter as much as what we make of it when it does! If life hands us bitter lemons, let’s add some sugar and make some good lemonade! 


NUGGET OF LIFE: Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better! And when it does, just hang in there and say to yourself “Everything happens for a Reason”!


 Enjoy this beautiful Video; it may change your life forever!



Sparky Laurie

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Life is no straight and easy corridor along which we travel free & unhampered, but a maze of passages, through which we must seek our way, lost and confused, now & again checked in a blind alley. But always, if we have faith, God will open a door for us, not perhaps one that we ourselves would ever have thought of, but one that will ultimately prove good for us.”-A J Cronin

As we stand at the doorway to enter the maze of life, we wish that it was simpler- maybe a straight and easy corridor…with no twists and turns and so no bumps and burns! However, the truth is that life is a maze of passages that take us to totally unexpected & unforeseen places. Many times, it is the “unknown” that fills us with anxiety about the journey ahead.With no guarantee that we will never lose our way/bump into a wall,we gather up our courage,set foot in the maze and start our journey. Abruptly, we find ourselves at a dead end. Disappointed & angry, we shed a few tears. But determined to make it, we get up and keep trying, carefully avoiding our previous mistakes. The path that we select may not be the right one but as long as we keep moving, we find ourselves less confused and more confident. As we reach closer to our destination, we find ourselves strangely amused by the challenging turnings, ironically enjoying the journey we initially dreaded! We keep moving on and suddenly reach a door. Curiously, we turn the door knob, startled; we find a shortcut that takes us straight to our destination. We realize ruefully that the journey is over!

Once again at the doorway, this time at the EXIT, we look back gratefully and realize that it was for a purpose that the maze was not a boring, straight and easy corridor. For it was this complicated, confusing and challenging maze of passages that tested and revealed to us- an inner strength and hidden potential lying dormant that we would otherwise never have known.

We reach home transformed, thanks to that complicated maze of passages!



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Nugget # 4 LIFE is a Game of Cricket !

Inspired by the recent frenzy and excitement about the IPL Cricket Finals, I’m dedicating my latest post to all you Cricket-lovers out there! Though personally, I am no Cricket fan myself, I think there is good to learn from everything and today’s post is just about this game that drives a lot of you great people (including my hubby!)CRAZY and wild with excitement! 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!

“Life is a game of cricket, to be enjoyed with enthusiasm and zest and played in a friendly atmosphere without condemning or blaming the external factors. And even if one scores the occasional ‘duck’; no need to get too depressed for we all win some, lose some. There will be another opportunity to stage a comeback. Until the day one finally retires & can look back with a feeling of satisfaction that we gave our best always and ended with a good batting average.”-Sultan H Fazelbhoy

I truly admire the words of wisdom in the above quote.

The lesson I could draw out was: It truly doesn’t matter whether or not we WIN every game in LIFE. What is more important is to continue playing and learn from mistakes and get better each time. Just like every time a match is played, only one team wins .Similarly in life, we may lose some matches, however the important thing is NOT to STOP playing .As long as we continue to consistently improve each time we play, WE are definitely WINNERS and one day we can look back with a feeling of satisfaction that we have always played our best game and that ensured us a Good Batting average in the Game Of LIFE!


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