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Nugget # 82 Life lesson from a crying School boy!

78457245Hi friends,

Today as I helped my son get on his school bus, I watched an older child kicking and screaming and refusing to get on the bus. His mother and the bus helper tried to get him on and finally the driver had to help in getting the child on. Later we understood that the child was reluctant to go to school after his 1 whole week of vacation. This incident set me thinking and inspired me to write this nugget.

How very like that crying school boy we are when it comes to things that we know we should do but don’t feel like doing. Be it exercise/healthy living /work place issues or even relationships often we feel reluctant like that little boy and in our minds we kick and scream at even the idea of facing issues we don’t like to confront and would rather stay back home(in our comfort zone) Just as no good parent would allow this to happen so also we must discipline our flesh from time to time by doing what is good for us  rather than what we feel like.

Just sharing some points that may help us in the transition of doing the right thing when we do not feel like it.

1)Write out the things that need to be done and tick them off as you go ahead.

2) Just focus on the next step. One thing at a time.

3)Think about the confusion that may arise by not doing the thing.

4)Accept that it is difficult but essential. Sometimes promising ourselves a reward can give us the necessary push to go ahead.

5)Brainstorm with others (friends or loved ones) about how they handle similar issues.

6)Mentally prepare ourselves  for the ordeal by reminding ourselves that we have to face the situation and there is no way out.

7)Train ourselves to think of solutions instead of excuses.

8)Last but not least, picture yourself smiling happily after having succeeded.

Be it small or large a task, the same set of principles can help us face that which we would rather avoid or procrastinate. Consistency is key as we continue to repeatedly conquer our mountains we will thus develop the attitude of a conqueror and will start to cherish such challenges.

animated_school_busNugget of Life : “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” -LaoTzu

Have an adventurous week!





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