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Nugget # 63 Life lesson from a Hot Air Balloon!

Hi friends,

This week I’d like to share a life lesson from a hot air balloon.

The mechanism of the hot air balloon is pretty simple; it works on the principle that since hot air is lighter than cold air, when the air inside the balloon is heated up, it causes the balloon to rise and when the air inside the balloon is cooled it causes the balloon to sink. In this manner the air pilot can maneuver the balloon and the people can enjoy their ride.

The hot air balloons before the modern period used to have sandbags (see pic) to weigh them down until lift off and after that the sand was gradually dumped for the balloon to gain height in the air. The same thing is applicable in human life also.

Often in order to rise high in life we may have to cut off heavy weights that keep us down. These may be in the form of bad habits like laziness /being short tempered / sloppiness or having the wrong kind of friends, sometimes even memories of past failures. As long as they weigh us down, we will never be able to rise to heights in life. Just like the sand bags are dumped before the take off  by cutting the ropes attached to them, we too must sever all those things that hold us back from being able to ride high and being all that we want to be in life.

Click to watch MR BEAN and his HOT AIR BALLOON Ride!



Nugget of Life: Let go of the things that weigh you down so that there will then be enough room in your life to welcome the things that could lift you up.

Have a terrific week.


Sparky Laurie


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Nugget # 36 Life lesson from a Baby-sitter!

Hi friends,

I think this is a good time to share with you a comment by a blogger buddy in a previous post (Nugget # 13). that actually made me sit up and think. In the 2nd part of her comment she mentioned that “her most effective teachers were often people who she had trouble with and that she was thankful for them in her life.” Wow… this was definitely a new one for me and I am sure for many of us. We often like to remember and learn from the people who bring happiness into our lives but how many of us ever consider as special the many unpleasant encounters we have everyday? With that as background, I’d like to share a special lesson I have learnt from a not so pleasant experience with a baby sitter!

The main reason we opted for this baby sitter was that she lived close by. We checked out the place and everything seemed okay.The next day I had my maternal separation pangs as I very reluctantly parted with my 8 months old baby for the first time and hurried off to work. I somehow finished work and rushed back relieved to find my son sleeping comfortably. Satisfied with the babysitter, I was about to close the deal and asked her the monthly charges. Her reply made me change my decision in the twinkling of an eye. After telling me her charges, she added that if she found that the baby was noisy/troublesome the rate would increase. On hearing that, the mother bear in me just growled angrily but somehow I kept my cool and told her that I would discuss the matter with my husband and get back to her.

It truly wouldn’t have mattered to me if she had asked for a higher charge. What caused me to change my decision was that she looked at my baby and haggled about the price as if he were a commodity of enterprise.  That made me seriously doubt the ability of this woman as a baby sitter who was cashing out on the unknown/ unpredictable behavior of a little baby. I immediately started my search for other babysitters. I told my husband that I was not going to allow her to go so easily and would give her a good piece of my mind along with the day’s charge. Though equally displeased with the sitter, my hubby (who is by nature easy- going & patient) told me that though my anger was totally justifiable I should just let it go. He explained that though people may behave badly with us and we definitely would like to just cut them off, we need not convey that to them since we never know when we may need them again. So I took his advice, swallowed my anger, prayed about it and said goodbye to the babysitter with a peace & grace that actually amazed both her and me ! Little did I know how prophetic my husband’s words would turn out!

That happened a few months later when my new babysitter had to change location due to her husband’s transfer and so there I was again in need of a babysitter. Boy was I glad I had followed my husband’s wise counsel that day! This time when I met with her, I noticed a marked difference in her. She seemed extremely considerate and took such good care of my son that I was literally surprised. When I spoke about the rates because my timings had now changed, she said in a slightly embarrassed tone that it didn’t really matter and she even gave me a very good discount! That day I saw firsthand evidence of “GOOD OVERCOME EVIL”.That incident taught me the power of believing the best about people and being kind enough to overlook an offense even when treated badly.Many times it may not be easy and sometimes to walk away in silence is all that we can do but whatever we do,we must do it from the heart.

Friend, I just want to encourage you today.All of us go through tough times in life and people often behave thoughtlessly or in an unkind manner, maybe even hurting us unknowingly, repay them by sowing a seed of kindness.Shame them with genuine love.Though change may not be as quick/dramatic as it was in the story above, it will surely come. I truly believe in the Law of Sowing & Reaping. [Some call it Karma] “As you sow, so you reap.”  If you sow love, you will reap love.  Results may not come as soon as we expect it or even in the way we expect it, but take my word for it, it will come in such abundance that it will leave you in open mouthed wonder!

Click here to watch this amazing Movie: CHANGE FOR A DOLLAR

Nugget of Life: “If what you have is not what you need, it’s not your harvest it is your seed!”No good deed is ever wasted.Sow a seed today and reap a harvest tomorrow.”

Have a wonder – filled week! 😉

PS: Travelling next week and so the post is early!


Sparky Laurie


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