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Nugget # 19 Life is like a Hula hoop

Hi, this week I’d like to share with you some life lessons from a Hula hoop.

The Hula hoop is a toy hoop twirled around the waist/ limbs/neck. Its history dates back to ancient Egypt, where hoops were made from grapevines/stiff grasses. The hoop became popular in the late 1950s when a plastic version was made. Today, people of all ages and from different walks of life, use the hula hoop for fun and for fitness.

I’ve been fascinated by the Hula hoop ever since I got my first pink and white one as a little girl. Twirling it always made me happy. The hula hoop is not only good for exercise; it is also a great stress buster and mood lifter! Can you even imagine a grim faced person twirling the hoop and not breaking out into a smile? That’s the magic of a hula hoop! 😉

While reading this article about Hulaerobics, some Life lessons came to me from some of the pointers mentioned :

1) Start with power : To get anything done in life ,we need to start strong and then work our way consistently towards our goal.

2) Move in the right direction: We need to know our destination if we have to reach there.

3) Be instinctive: Trust your heart, it never lies. It may make mistakes but it will never betray you.

4) Save the hoop at all costs: Sometimes when life’s storms hit, it is easy to give up but we need to push against the current and use every bit of our will to hang in there and do whatever we can so that we do not lose what we have.

5) Balance: We need to learn how not to rock the boat of our life. We can do this by Prioritization and seeing which area of our life needs our immediate attention at the present moment: Is it  Health/ Finances/ Career/ Relationship/ Family/Children/Spirituality/Hobbies/Interests.  (Related link : LIFE IS LIKE JUGGLING)

6) Breathe: I love this point- The author actually says “Remember to Breathe”– and yes ,we often need a  Breather in life – a well deserved TIME OUT where we can actually do something for ourselves that we love and enjoy so that we can get back to our life’s duties and responsibilities more energized and less stressed and frazzled.

7)Stand Tall: Another fav one- We need to recognize who we are and what we have.We can improve only  if we start with what we already have .

8)Be Patient: Not one of my natural virtues,but we need to be patient with ourselves and with others if we want to do better in life. 

Nugget of Life: Life is like a hula hoop,keep twirling to keep fit – (in every area of life) ; but more importantly don’t forget to have fun!

If you enjoyed this post, there’s more…. Here’s a FUN Hula hoop Song Video just for you!

Have a great week,


Sparky Laurie

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