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Nugget # 58 Life lesson from a Playground Slider!

Hi friends,

This week I’d like to share a lesson in tenacity inspired by a friend J. This week I heard that she had just undergone an operation for a tumor and so I called her up to see how she was doing and imagine my surprise when she talked just as usual neither sounding disturbed nor in any way affected by it. At first it seemed a bit unreal to me (who by nature am definitely more expressive about things that disturb/ affect my smooth functioning in some way or other) but then I realized that J deliberately chose not to let her illness/ discomfort dampen her spirit or affect her personality in any visible way even for a moment and then I said to myself WOW! Talk about Tenacity! I learnt a lesson then and there.

Tenacity may be defined as that unbreakable strength of purpose that no person/set back in life can cause us to swerve/be affected visibly. True we are all different but we can definitely improve ourselves by learning from one another. I just thought of the many problems of life that could have been easily avoided had I developed this kind of attitude in life. Now I am not talking about hiding feelings or wearing a mask and walking about indifferent & unaffected by the ups and downs of life but being able to master those feelings with genuine strength and definiteness of purpose.

In order to understand better, let us take an illustration of a child on the playground slide. After sliding down to the bottom, he doesn’t sit in the dust wallowing in self pity because he fell. Instead, he dusts himself up and runs back once more happy to climb up the ladder and slide down once again. That is after all the fun of the game! How much more fun should our slides in life be teaching us if we would just embrace our setbacks in life as learning experiences and dust ourselves up and climb back and continue playing with a smile on our faces?

We have a choice no matter how bad the situation. Let us stop living our life by default and start living our life by design.

Nugget of Life: “It has done me good to be somewhat parched by the heat and drenched by the rain of life”  – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Have an awesome week!


Sparky Laurie


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Nugget # 54 Life lesson from a Masala-Box!

“ Pleasure and pain, though directly opposite, are yet so contrived by nature as to be constant companions; and it is a fact that the same motions and muscles of the face are employed both in laughing and crying.”- Charron

Hi friends,

This week I’d like to share a special life lesson I learnt from Shirley an acquaintance of mine. She compared the human emotions of man to different cooking ingredients viz, salt, chilly, turmeric, coriander, pepper,etc.That set me thinking and I came up with this powerful nugget! 😉

All of us are familiar with Emotions, both positive and negative. Positive emotions include joy, happiness,  excitement, gratitude, pleasure etc. Some examples of Negative emotions are anger, fear, guilt, shame, pain. Often, in an attempt to be positive, we may try to ignore/eliminate our negative emotions. However, negative emotions are   actually useful information providers about our environment and they do have a very important place in our lives.

Let me illustrate this with a few egs : 1) A healthy fear before an exam ensures proper preparation. Fear out of control on the other hand may prevent us from even appearing for the exam. 2) Anger expressed in a controlled manner commands the respect of others and also ensures that we get what we want in life rather than blindly accepting anything offered to us whether we want it or not.

Using the ingredients from a masala-box out of proportion (too little salt or too much of pepper/chilly) will definitely spoil the curry. Similarly we require both positive and negative emotions to the right degree in our life for a properly balanced personality. In other words, the right degree of negative and positive emotions spice up our lives just as all the ingredients of the masala box make a delicious curry.

 “ A middle estate is safest; as a middle temper of the sea, between a still calm and a violent tempest, is most helpful to convey the mariner to his haven.”- Swinnock.

You see friends, nothing in this life is an unmixed blessing; so let us be wise and walk the middle path; enjoy its benefits and shun its evils.


Nugget of Life : My dad always says “Too much of anything is good for nothing!”

Have a marvelous week!

Sparky Laurie


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