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Life is like a cup of Coffee:


While sipping my Morning Coffee, I stopped to reflect on what I could learn from this CUP of Coffee.

Let me share with you what I came up with…….

COFFEE is of different types: steaming hot coffee, luke- warm coffee, Cold coffee, Iced Coffee, strong coffee, light coffee, black coffee, frothy coffee ,coffee with milk, coffee with cream, coffee with lots of sugar, coffee without sugar, coffee with ice cream, Cocoa and coffee, Mocha, Coffee Latte, Espresso, cappuccino, filter coffee, instant coffee, NESCAFE, BRU, Brazilian Coffee, Arabian Coffee, Turkish Coffee ,you name it.

Whatever the type,the name of the beverage still remains the same. The difference is only in the temperature, pressure, type of bean, method of brewing or the accompanying ingredients.

Just Imagine if there was only one type of coffee…how very monotonous and boring!

Let us now draw a parallel  to our life.There are no two of us totally alike…we are all unique and amazingly one of a kind! Thank God for our Diversity!

We are different types of Coffee Beans: We are born with differences in nationality, colour,culture,  language, backgrounds, ethnic groups, family, talents  etc

Method of Brewing/Difference in accompanying ingredients: This refers to our upbringing, education, qualifications, religion, faith, value systems,attitudes, interests, political beliefs, strata of society, exposure by travel and interaction etc. which play a major role in development of our personality.

Temperature/Pressure: This refers to other factors that mould us like the hardships we may have faced/ the challenges encountered /experiences we may have gone through in life that leave a lasting impression on the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

 No matter what our particular concoction, may we always remember to retain our unique flavor and never forget to enjoy the other brews out there which are after all, also Coffee!

Care for a Cup of Coffee? …

NUGGET OF LIFE: Learn to See the Unity in the Diversity…learn to see the true Beauty of Life!

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