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Nugget # 7 Life is like a box of Chocolates!

“Life is like a Box of Choco­lates… You Never Know what you’re Gonna Get!”-Forest Gump

CHOCOLATE!!!What a yummy topic to write about! I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate? The apt question would be: which types of chocolate do you like best?

Is it Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, white chocolate, Orange/ Mint/ Strawberry/ Coffee Chocolate, Chocolate with hazelnuts/almonds? Coconut Chocolate like Bounty, chocolate with dates in the middle, fruit and nut chocolates, Unsweetened chocolate, patchi, galaxy, ferrero chocolate, crackle chocolates with rice crisps, candy coated chocolates like M& M, Chocolate with caramel filling like Mars/Snickers, chocolate wafers like Kitkat, chocolate flakes, chocolate chips, chocolate waffles, chocolate truffles, Swiss chocolate, Belgian Chocolate, French Chocolate, Mexican chocolate…..the list goes on….

Opening a box of assorted chocolates always provides us with a feast for the eyes- we find a wide range of chocolates of different shapes sizes and colors. Only when we taste, will we know the type chosen. Just like the uncertainty till one bites into the chocolate and the surprise one gets on realizing its flavor, life too offers us a wide variety of experiences-all in different shapes, sizes and colors. Some are our immediate favorites, some we may like, some we may learn to like, some we may not like and some we may spit out but until and unless we take the risk and open the box and start the tasting, the truth is we will never know which ones we like best.

Life offers each one of us a box of the best of chocolates. You may not like the one I like best and I may not like your favorite, but that’s alright. These chocolates are to be enjoyed, not to be compared or ranked bcoz the truth is we have all been given different boxes and different palates.

The worst thing in the world that we can do is to keep our box aside and watch others enjoying their chocolates. Start tasting what you have got. Some you may like, some you may not, but one thing is certain and that is the Master Chocolatier who knows you very well has hidden the one you like best ONLY in your box. Once we grab hold of this Nugget of Life, we can learn to enjoy our life like never before!

Happy tasting!

NUGGET OF LIFE: Enjoy your own special box of Chocolates, the best one for you is definitely in your box!



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