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 “Life is like a Cafeteria. You take your tray, select your food and pay at the other end. You can get anything you want as long as you’re willing to pay the price. If you wait for people to serve you, you will wait forever. Life is like that too. You make the choices and pay the price.”-Author Unknown

Life is like a cafeteria!

Just like a good cafeteria will offer you a wide range of delicious food to choose from, life offers us a myriad of opportunities to choose from. The options are there before us and we need to grab hold of what we want before it is too late! Why do some succeed while others only remain to watch others succeed? This is not due to the lack of opportunity or availability of resources but due to the differences in response.

Inspired by the above quote, let me introduce you to 10 kinds of people standing in a Cafeteria line and each responding differently leading to his /her failure or success :

1) The person who doesn’t really know what he wants: Is it a sweet/savory, vegetarian /non vegan dish that he would like?-These kinds of people will never be satisfied simply because they don’t know what they really want. They need to spend some time and find out what they really want and then go get it and pay the price.

2) The person who knows what he wants but is not willing to take a risk for fear of appearing foolish or being mistaken: These people never achieve anything coz they believed their fears and not their heart to follow their dreams.

3) The one who selects exactly what the person in front of him took, not bcoz he wants that but bcoz he has minimized his risk by avoiding to make his own choices- This refers to those who play it safe in life by going with the current, doing what everyone else is doing and so avoid the risk of criticism or failure. These people appear to be doing great on the outside,however, in their hearts they know that they haven’t got what they really wanted as they have settled for something less!

4) Those who wait too long ,so that by  the time they have made up their mind, the bell rings and the cafeteria closes ! – Life is too short and uncertain to take forever to make our choices. I’d say enjoy what you can, while you can!

5)Those who go to the other extreme and make hasty ,irrational choices and buy too many of the same kind too quickly, thus ruining their chance of trying another delicacy-This refers to those kinds of people who thrive on instant gratification of the senses ,never considering the other options available and thus make foolish choices which they regret later.

6)Those who do not have enough money and so borrow from others and enjoy what they  like but later conveniently  forget to return the money.-This one is about those kind of people who forget to be grateful. The point to emphasize here is not the money but the ingratitude. You can pay back every dime and still have an ungrateful heart.

7)Those who have loaded pockets but miserly hearts and decide to go hungry rather than part with cash-In spite of having money,this type choose to go hungry,leaving just as they came.It is indeed ironical that sometimes the poor actually are richer than the rich.This refers to the miserly attitude of some people who never enjoy anything even if they can.

8)Those who come and check out their options,intend to buy but postpone their decision for a later time This refers to those kinds of workaholics who make enough money to buy the whole cafeteria and yet leave hungry! True, they may be too busy to sit down for a whole meal but they could surely have managed a few moments for a quick sandwich which would have given them more strength in their work. This refers to those people who are fun lovers at heart but spend all their life postponing and never end up having fun. They have everything in LIFE but sadly,they have no LIFE!

9)Then we can find the kind that come in check out the MENU and start finding fault and criticizing everything .They brag about the great cafeteria they could have run but the truth is they never do anything and they also leave hungry.-This refers to the those people who always find fault and criticize others who try to reach their dreams.Though these people may have greater ideas and even greater potential ,instead of using what they have and making the best of it,they choose to be negative and leave hungry!

10)And then there are those who check out the available options ,decide what they want, place it on the tray and sit down and enjoy their meal –These are the SUCCESSFUL people who know what they want, get what they want and enjoy what they want!

Question: Ask yourself which of the above 10 persons do I truly represent today by my life choices?Are there any changes that I’d like to make?


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