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Nugget # 30 Life is like Fruit Salad!

Hi friends,

Just imagine a bowl of fruits soaked in creamy vanilla custard with a red cherry on the top, yum! My favorite dessert, any day. Is there anyone who does not love fruit salad?

Now imagine a lovely fruit basket filled with every kind of fruit imaginable- ripe yellow bananas, pretty pink strawberries, lush green kiwis, indigo blue grapes, luscious orange mangoes, ruby red pomegranates, yellow pineapples, juicy oranges , melons , berries etc…the list just goes on. Now we start picking our choice of fruits for the fruit salad.

One look at the fruit basket is enough to tell us how each fruit is so different from the other -right from appearance (shape, color and texture) down to fragrance and taste. All fruits are freshly picked and good but we have our own personal preferences. For instance I love my fruit salad with banana slices, few mango cuts, sliced green grapes and chopped cherries all in vanilla custard. My husband prefers banana slices, kiwis instead of mango and includes pomegranate seeds and nuts for the bite. The basic ingredients remain the same but our choices of fruit combinations vary as I prefer the sweetness of the mango while he likes the sourness of the kiwi.

How similar this is to our life. Each one of us is unique and we have our own special preferences.My preference of mango doesn’t make his choice of kiwi wrong.We are all free to pick and choose what we want but let us also remember to be sensitive enough to respect the choices that others also make.

This Nugget was inspired by a post by Irene, a fellow blogger. I was so happy to hear this young blogger( in her late 20s) speak so beautifully about “Blogger Respect”. Click here to read it. In this world of blogging, we come across so many different kinds of people- we have apples, oranges , strawberries, mangoes, pineapples, kiwis, guavas, etc…etc. “Blogger Respect” to me means learning to accept , if not enjoy each other’s differences.We may also go the extra mile & build each other up (instead of tear each other down) with our words by appreciating the good (if we genuinely find some) in other bloggers and letting them know it. I’ve added a “BLOGGER RESPECT” button as my small way of advocating this noble venture. Feel free to share / use it if you like.

Personally, blogging has been one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. I’ve enjoyed every bit of it and have met some pretty amazing bloggers on the way. Do we agree on everything? No, we don’t, but then what fun would life be if we were all carbon copies of each other? Would there be any scope for learning/growth? I’ve learnt so many new , useful & good things; only because of this diversity……. and now back to my fruit salad, Goodness, can you even imagine? Without the different fruits, there NEVER would be any fruit salad!!! 😦

Long live Unity in Diversity….long live all the fruits in the fruit salad!! 😉

I dedicate this post to each one of you, my blogger friends/acquaintances who have been instrumental in making this blogging journey the wonderful adventure that it is today! Thank you for being YOU and allowing me to be ME!


Nugget of life: You and I are different but we both deserve respect!

 Click to enjoy this wonderful Video :


Have a yummy week!


Sparky Laurie


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Nugget # 16 Life Lessons from Blogging

Hi there, this week’s blogpost is about the lessons of life learnt from Blogging. When we really think about it, there is really not much difference between LIFE and BLOGGING! After all,the Blogosphere is a miniature world comprising of all kinds of people you would find in LIFE!

Initially, I thought of drawing from the experiences of other bloggers but have realised that truly there are too many lessons I myself have to share.So just sharing some of them and also those of you early birdies who have been kind enough to share, the rest of you are welcome to share your lessons as comments,everyone of you is valuable to me.Ok here goes:

1) The whole reason why we blog can be summed up in this lovely phrase I got from Lorna’s Voice About Me column that caught my eye and has not left me since. We are all here saying the same thing:“I’m like everyone you have ever met and like no one you will ever meet.”-We want to fit in and we also want to stand out! 

LIFE LESSON: It takes strength to fit in and courage to stand out!

2) Every New Post is like a New Day : Every time we write a new post,there is a thrill,an anticipation just like the promise of a new day! 

LIFE LESSON: A New Day is a New Beginning!

3)Not everyone is going to get what you are saying all the time,neither are you going to get what they are saying all the time but always make sure to let them know when you do! –   I mean,let’s admit it, is there any person in our life that we understand 100% of the time ?

LIFE LESSON:  Don’t expect people to understand you all the time and be happy when someone does!Similarly, let others know when you understand them!

4)It’s not always about the hits! :  Does it really matter how many hits you get?I mean consider you have the greatest statistics in all of History and make it to Number 1 position…then what? The same thing applies in LIFE too, you get it all- MONEY, NAME, FAME, RECOGNITION but is that all? I think we need to “grow up” and  think deeper and look around and see not only how we can grow but how we can also help another on the way.I hate to say this but I feel compelled to : Many of the Newbies in WP Forums are snubbed/criticised everytime they introduce themselves instead of being encouraged and guided as to how to improve as they set  baby steps into this complicated new world of blogging. Aren’t we here because someone helped us get here?And as the quote goes:”If you don’t have something good to say,why bother at all?”

 LIFE LESSON: The more fruits a tree bears,the more it bends down!When we get FRUITS,let us not forget our ROOTS!

 5) Looking beyond the words: Call me simple/ intuitive/naive ,call me what you like…but I see the people behind the words.I ask the question:Is this person trying to encourage/ educate/entertain/help/be brave/ just be honest? These are the bloggers who I am drawn to. Sometimes we don’t get everything said but we get the spirit of what is being said and it makes us feel “I’ve been there too”,or I can relate to that” or ” I admire this honesty” or “your words bring much loved but forgotten memories” and that makes us feel like  responding to a post…DO WE READ WITH OUR HEADS ALONE OR ALSO WITH OUR HEARTS? The bloggers I am drawn to are bloggers who are not only intelligent and witty,creative and fun but also people who care.Out of the many,to mention a few and why they are so: Lafemmeroar (An Initiator who is not only fun but also an encourager), Marcia (a talented and versatile blogger who has a very refined way of speaking and a generous heart!),Shonnie (whose amazing honesty and openness as well as positivity is simply contagious),Jennifer (who is a versatile blogger with an amazing blog about her travel accounts),Nina (who draws pictures with her words but sadly hasn’t been around much!).Some of them are not my subscribers and some I dont subscribe to but they still are my favs for who they are! Let us subscribe to another person because we want to and not because we have to.Let us be able to commend a person for a well written post even if we don’t subscribe …;)

LIFE LESSON: The ones we will always remember are those who went the extra mile- who shared not only their ideas but also their hearts!

6)For me,every like/comment/subscription is a hand extended in friendship:   It’s because someone has taken the time to read or at least likes something written(in all honesty, some of us truly dont have the luxury of time to scroll down and read every word)but when someone appreciates what we have written,we need to TAKE IT FOR WHAT IT IS – a well deserved pat on the back! Also when someone makes a suggestion for improvement,take that also with a pinch of salt.The very idea of starting this blog came when a friend of mine told me that my first Blog (Lil Spark in the Dark)was too Christian to his liking! I realised what he was saying and hence started NUGGETS OF LIFE!

LIFE LESSON: Embrace all life gives you and then decide what to do with it!

7)It humbles me when I read great blogs of  high standard ,it encourages me when I read blogs I can relate to and understand and learn from.And it makes me remember the way I have come when I see someone share where I have already been.In life also there will always be people who are more mature and experienced and whom we can learn from,people whom we can share and grow with and people whom we can encourage as they find their way.Life is filled with opportunities to draw inspiration from,to be an inspiration with and to give inspiration to .

LIFE LESSON: Learn from others and share what you learn with others!

It’s been a LONG post ….and I could still go on and on …but to sum things up, this journey of blogging has been Humbling , Hilarious & Heart Warming, Educating ,Entertaining & Enlightening, Informative, Interesting & Inspiring!… I ‘ve enjoyed every minute of it and thanks to all of you Bloggers for making it worthwhile!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to share positive lessons you may have learnt on your journey blogging:

A Special Thanks to those of you who cared enough to share your LIFE Lessons from Blogging:

Thanks guys, I loved what you shared:


a)Blogging has enabled me to express a creative side that I didn’t know I had in me.

b) I have learnt that there is no point in comparing the success of my blog (by stats) to others that may be completely different in content. Feedback from the readers that I do have and a steady growth are enough. Ultimately, as long as I am happy with what I produce, then that is the most important thing.

2) JENNA :  

a)Passion – have passion about what you believe in, even it is writing about it or talking to your best friend
b)Motivation – nothing will never get done if you don’t motivate yourself to do it.
c)Be Yourself – Don’t play around like you are a hard ball in life, be yourself, & be real.
d)Honest – Honesty is the best policy
e)Mood – Don’t beat yourself up if you are in a jam or feeling cranky. Do it when the right mood strikes.
f)Reach – Reach out to others & they will reach out to you


a) I have learned the great value of community. I know people knock cyberspace connections, but it was much easier for me to write about my journey of weight loss and hold myself accountable — even if no one read it — because for me it felt public. Turns out it was and that is even better. I have a LOT of accountablity partners. there is safety in numbers.

b) You also learn from yourself, about yourself. 🙂

 NUGGET OF LIFE:  Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?

       Happy Blogging!




Sparky Laurie


Copyright & Permissions: © Sparky Laurie and ‘NUGGETS OF LIFE’, 2011.Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Sparky Laurie and ‘NUGGETS OF LIFE’ with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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