Nugget # 71 Life is like flying an Aeroplane!

01 Sep

Hi friends,

This week I’d like to compare life to flying an aero plane.

Just as before take- off, there is always the initial ground run of the aero plane on the runway, similarly there will always be initial hiccups when we start out to do anything worthwhile. There is a famous quote  “Well begun is half done.” Probably coz no matter what we try our hand at, the beginning is always the toughest and as we get through, things become easier and easier with time and practice.

Often while at it, we may be tempted to give up as we encounter difficulties that we may have never initially faced , challenges which cause us to doubt our ability to get through ,we may even doubt whether we were right in choosing a particular course of action. The wisdom lies in clinging on even when everything in us just says “just give up”. We may have to find a safe place where we could just anchor during tough moments. Sometimes  we may require more than that ….we may require a strong push in the right direction to keep moving forward even when the wind just keeps pushing us in the opposite direction.And sometimes we just have to do things because we have to and not because we want to. You can bet on it however that when the initial phase is passed and we have hung on with everything we could have,  we will be glad that we did not give up so easily. And just like after the take off we find  lovely skies and smooth flying, there will be the wonderful feeling of accomplishment and the confidence that comes along with it for being an overcomer!

Here’s to watching yourself soar higher and higher  into the skies around you  with each victory you win! And most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the scenery!

Nugget of Life: Don’t be a parrot in life, be an eagle. A parrot talks way too much but can’t fly high while an eagle is silent and has the will power to touch the sky!- Author Unknown

Have an awesome weekend!


Sparky Laurie


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4 responses to “Nugget # 71 Life is like flying an Aeroplane!

  1. Noel Williams (prhayz)

    September 2, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    Very reassuring! I needed this. Sometimes we need somebody to give a nudge to push over the top. Thanks so much for sharing. God blesses

    • sparkylaurie

      September 3, 2012 at 11:48 am

      Thanks Noel, for making my day with that comment!…am so glad that what I shared struck a chord in your heart.We all need one another’s nudges from time to time! 🙂 Happy to be there for you at the right time! Have a wonderful week!
      Sparky laurie

  2. Wayne Augden

    September 1, 2012 at 7:56 pm

    Thank you, Sparky. I love it. I hadn’t heard the parrot quote before. I really liked it. 🙂

    • sparkylaurie

      September 2, 2012 at 11:32 am

      Thanks so much Wayne…Glad you liked it , I also came across it just yesterday! 🙂


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