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Nugget # 66 Life lesson from my little boy!

Hi friends,

This week I’d like to share a life lesson that came to my mind as I watched the little “power-struggles” of my two and half year old son.

I smiled amused as I heard the small grunts of my little one as he unsuccessfully tried to put his backpack on by himself without allowing me to help him with it. After some time, he wanted to eat a banana himself but he just could not figure out how to peel it. As I reached out to help him, he gave me a “don’t  even think about it ” look. Later, I listened to his frustrated little whimpers and snorts as he had managed to put his shoes on himself but with the wrong foot in each shoe. Once again he would not allow me to even get anywhere near the shoes.  The same thing continued as his little hands tried other things. I was filled with joy as I watched my little one take his first steps to independence but seeing his frustration as he tried to do things himself made me wish that he would just let me help him!:)

I reflected on my little one’s actions and started thinking…. How very like him we all are. The business of letting go of things – is not easy. For any of us. We all want to do things in our way and are so unwilling to surrender things to God and watch and learn from Him even when we know that His ways are definitely higher and better than our ways.

“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”- Isa 55:9

I can almost imagine God with an amused grin on His kind face as He watches us stubbornly cling on tightly to that which we could leave peacefully in His gentle hands.

Click to sing along with Jim Reeves: HAVE THINE OWN WAY LORD

Nugget of Life: “If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.”

Have a blessed week,


Sparky Laurie



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Nugget # 65 Life is like a See-saw!

Hi friends,

This week I would like to compare Life to a See-saw.

Life is like a See-saw with its every ‘down’, there is an ‘up’.

As mentioned in my earlier post, many times things change in our life rather unexpectedly. People change, situations change, obstacles and problems change and we learn to change in order to cope with this ever changing life. Just as for the see-saw to be proper in its functioning, it has to be in movement with one side up and the other side down, the see-saw of life too is never static and always changes with one side up and the other side down. The only one constant in this See-saw of Life is our relationship with God.

While on the Down-side of life, it is good to remember the eaglet story in which the momma eagle pushes her baby off the edge in order that it will flap its wings and learn to fly first and then soar high. Often we may feel the dread of the little eaglet as we reach the edge of the precipice and are pushed hard by the hand of circumstance into the unknown.  But as we step out of our comfort zone, we can be sure of one thing and that is we can never fall beyond where His able hands will catch us. It is in such situations that we learn of an inner strength that we possess that helps us to let go and let God and that becomes our Up-side! 🙂

Nugget of Life: “It is always darkest before the dawn, so if it’s your down phase now, hang in there because your up phase is right round the corner”

Have a wonderful week,


Sparky Laurie


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Nugget # 64 Life is like a box of Crayons!

Hi friends,

This week I have compared the different colored crayons from a box to the 4 different kinds of personality types  we meet in life. Hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! 🙂

Each of us is given a box of crayons to color with.

Firstly, there are colors like orange & pink that brighten our picture- Just like the bubbly, upbeat sanguine personality types who brighten up our lives.

Next are the loud red and yellows much like the choleric personalities who though domineering, are the real Initiators who make things happen.

Then there are the blues, purple and the black which darkens our picture. These are the melancholic personalities; the thinkers and analyzers who bring to our attention details for notice.

Finally, there are the “cool” colors like green and brown ; who are like the easy going phlegmatic personalities – so flexible and relaxed that they make the best out of any color combination.

Just as we need all of the above colors to make a beautiful portrait on the white paper, in the same way, we need all 4 personality types to make our life colorful.

Also remember, “You have to color outside the lines once in a while to make your life a Masterpiece!”

Nugget of Life: Just because you don’t look like the other “crayons” in the box, that does not mean you cannot make the most beautiful pictures! Don’t ever give up on You!

Have a colorful week,


Sparky Laurie


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Nugget # 63 Life lesson from a Hot Air Balloon!

Hi friends,

This week I’d like to share a life lesson from a hot air balloon.

The mechanism of the hot air balloon is pretty simple; it works on the principle that since hot air is lighter than cold air, when the air inside the balloon is heated up, it causes the balloon to rise and when the air inside the balloon is cooled it causes the balloon to sink. In this manner the air pilot can maneuver the balloon and the people can enjoy their ride.

The hot air balloons before the modern period used to have sandbags (see pic) to weigh them down until lift off and after that the sand was gradually dumped for the balloon to gain height in the air. The same thing is applicable in human life also.

Often in order to rise high in life we may have to cut off heavy weights that keep us down. These may be in the form of bad habits like laziness /being short tempered / sloppiness or having the wrong kind of friends, sometimes even memories of past failures. As long as they weigh us down, we will never be able to rise to heights in life. Just like the sand bags are dumped before the take off  by cutting the ropes attached to them, we too must sever all those things that hold us back from being able to ride high and being all that we want to be in life.

Click to watch MR BEAN and his HOT AIR BALLOON Ride!



Nugget of Life: Let go of the things that weigh you down so that there will then be enough room in your life to welcome the things that could lift you up.

Have a terrific week.


Sparky Laurie


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