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Nugget # 62 Life is like an Escalator!

“Life is like an escalator. You see, it carries you on regardless. And you might as well enjoy the view and seize every opportunity while you’re passing. Otherwise, it’ll be too late.” – Sophie Kinsella.

Hi friends,

This week  I came to know that one of my good friends would be leaving the city. It shook my world for some time as I felt the icy cold grip of an utter sense of loss. But after some calls, some sleep, a shower and some elaichi tea, I realized that I had accepted the reality and was feeling better, now ready to share my next nugget with you! So here goes….

Life is  like an escalator and we step onto it in the hope of reaching our destination. On our way up, we stand and watch others on the parallel escalator also on their way. Both of us are taken forward but in opposite directions. The same thing happens in life. As we go through life people step onto their escalators and for some time we can see them, smile at them, wave at them, sometimes if we stretch maybe we can even touch them for a second and then all of a sudden they are gone. Our paths were different right from the start and of course we knew it but in spite of that when given the good fortune , if even only for a moment for our paths to cross and  we come to know each other,we conveniently forget that which we knew all along maybe coz we just didn’t want to remember- Life is an escalator and all of us are on our way to the destination.

“Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be attained only by someone who is detached”- Simone Weil

Nugget of Life :  “Love without attachment is light.”- Norman O.Brown. Let us therefore practise detached attachment & benefit from the advantages of both attachment and detachment. 😉

Have an insightful week!


Sparky Laurie


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Nugget # 61 Life lesson from a Question on the Human Body!

Hi Friends,

This week’s nugget is based on a story in which a mother asks her son a question on the human body.

One day a mother asked her son: “What is the most important part of your body?”

Thinking that sound was very important to him, he answered “Ears, Mommy.”

She said, “No, there are many people who are deaf but keep thinking about it and I will ask you again.”

The next time she asked him, he answered, “Mommy, sight is very important to everybody, so it must be our eyes.”

She answered “You are learning fast, but the answer is not correct because there are many people who are blind.”

Stumped again, he tried other answers but each time her answer was “No, but you are getting smarter child.”

Finally seeing the confusion on her son’s face she told him, “This question is very important and that is why I wanted you to think and answer. Son, the most important body part is your shoulder.”

Surprised he asked her, “Is it because it holds up my head?”

She replied, “No, it is because it can hold the head of a friend or a loved one when they cry. The most important body part is actually the most unselfish part because it is sympathetic to the pain of others!”

 Author Unknown

In this world it’s refreshing to find

Someone who still has the time to be kind,

Someone who still has the faith to believe

That the more you give the more you receive,

Someone who’s ready by thought,word or deed

To reach out a hand in the hour of need.

-Helen Steiner Rice

Click to enjoy this funny & inspirational 2 minute musical video and watch this tortoise help a friend in need!

Nugget of Life :  It’s better to be a slow buddy than to be a no buddy at all!

Have a fun-filled week!


Sparky Laurie



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Nugget # 60 Life lessons from a Car-ride!

Hi friends,

This week I would like to share some life lessons we could learn from a Car-ride.

1)     While riding, let the driver drive:- Sometimes while riding, it may appear to us that our car is closer to the other vehicles on the road than it actually is and though we may be tempted to express concern, we need to remember that the person actually behind the wheel knows best  and just enjoy the ride without distracting them.

Similarly, in life many times we may think we know what another person is going through and try to tell them what to do but the truth is that many times we just need to trust them and let them know that we are there if they need us.

 2)     Make sure that the fuel tank is full:- Travelling doubtful about the fuel level can be stressful. In addition, there are chances of the car breaking down.

In life also we need to take proper intervals of rest and refueling (nutritionally & recreationally) in order to ensure smooth sailing and avoiding break downs!


3)     Better safe than sorry:- We always need to abide by the traffic rules and regulations without over-speeding or cutting the queue while in traffic whether we are being watched or not.

In life too if we make it a habit to be a law abiding citizen whether someone is watching us or not, we will never need to fear being caught or punished.

4)     Know where you are going:- A person who does not know where he is going is unsure about which road to take and often this can be a nuisance to others. It’s always better to plan ahead before turning the ignition key. This enables us to take the best route available.

The same thing applies to life; when we know our goals, it becomes easier to reach there.


5)     When lost, it’s okay to ask for help: – Often on our way, we may get confused or miss a turning even though we thought we knew the way. In such cases, stopping and asking for directions is better than driving in circles.

In life too often even with all our plans and good intentions, we may lose our way, in such case, it is better to swallow our pride and ask for guidance by a person who has more experience in that area.

 6)     Look ahead:- If  a person drives a car forward only looking in the rear-view mirror, he will soon meet with disaster. He needs to focus on what is before him only with an occasional glance at the rear view mirror.

In life also once we have dealt with the past, we need to move on without allowing our past to swallow up our future. Byrd Baggett has said: Look at life through the windshield not the rear view mirror.

Nugget of Life :“The reason why your windshield is larger than your rear view mirror is because where you’re going, is greater than where you’ve been. Go. ”- Kirk Franklin

Have a wonderful week.


Sparky Laurie


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Nugget # 59 Life is like a strip of Bacon!

“Life is like a fat strip of bacon. You have to separate the meat from the fat in order to be the master of your time.”

Hi friends,

This week let us see how we can compare life to a strip of bacon.

As William Penn once said“Time is what we want most and use worst.” and so we ought to make wise use of it by prioritizing the activities that need our time.

We must ask ourselves the question“What comes first, the compass or the clock? Before one can truly manage time (the clock), it is important to know where we are going, what our priorities and goals are, in which direction we are headed (the compass). Where we are headed is more important than how fast we are going. Rather than always focusing on what’s urgent, we ought to learn to focus on what is really important.“ – Unknown.

Just like a strip of bacon has both fat and meat in it and in order to really enjoy the bacon we first have to separate them, similarly in life we ought to spend our valuable time and precious energy by focusing on the more important activities (the meat) so that we will have no time to waste on the less important ones (the fat).

“Besides the noble art of getting things done, we need to master the noble art of leaving things undone too. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non essentials.”- Lin Yutang

Learning to say NO to the little things in life will give us the power to say YES to the big things.

DocChildre & Howard Martin said-“You’re writing the story of your life one moment at a time.“

Nugget of Life : “Time = life; therefore, waste your time and waste your life, or master your time and master your life.“ – Alan Lakein

Have a wonderful week.


Sparky Laurie


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