Nugget # 47 Life lesson from a Shadow!

01 Mar

Hi friends,

 This morning I watched my shadow move on the sunlit ground in front of me. That set me thinking and gave me the nugget for this week.

All of us know what shadows are. On looking it up, this is what I could come up with. By definition, a shadow is an area where direct light from a light source cannot reach due to obstruction by an object. The cross section of the shadow is in fact a reverse projection of the object blocking the light. The sun causes objects to have shadows and at certain times of the day, when the sun is at certain heights, the lengths of shadows change.

“We never need to fear the Shadows because it only means that there is a light shining near somewhere”- Ruth E Renkel 

Shadows are the result of the presence of both light and darkness. If it is total light or total darkness, there would be no shadow at all. All of us have shadows in our life, meaning we have both light and darkness in us. Light represents all that is good such as truth, love, kindness, mercy, patience, charity, loyalty, etc while darkness represents the negativity, unkindness, hatred, intolerance, impatience, miserliness, deception, etc in us that obstructs the light from shining through.

 “Every life has dark tracts and long stretches of somber tint, and no representation is true to fact which dips its pencil only in light and flings no shadows on the canvas.”- Alexander MacLaren

 “An optimist is a person who sees only the lights in the picture, whereas a pessimist sees only the shadows. An idealist, however, is one who sees the light and the shadows, but in addition sees something else: the possibility of changing the picture, of making the lights prevail over the shadows.”- Author Unknown

As long as we are alive we will always be shadows with our light and dark side. However, just like the sun causes shadows to change by varying its position, similarly we too can cause changes in the Shadows of our life by positioning ourselves either closer or farther from the light source. Either we can move closer to the light and the shadows will become lighter or we can move away from the light and the shadows will become darker.

“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in our own sunshine” – Henry Ward Beecher

Nugget of Life : ” Keep your face always towards the sunshine – and the shadows will fall behind you.”- Walt Whitman.

Click to enjoy this amazing Shadow Show :

Have a sunny week,


Sparky Laurie


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