Life is full of Surprises: VERSATILE Blogger Nomination?

19 Sep

Hi friends,

Life is full of surprises and the best thing about a surprise is that it comes when it is least expected but always brings along with it joy.

My surprise came today evening when a fellow blogger Holly [who writes an amazing blog describing her  travels and adventures as Au pair ]passed on her Versatile Blogger Nomination to me. My first reaction was definitely JOY as I shared the good news with my husband.My second reaction was to look up the word Versatile* since my Blog NUGGETS usually talks about ONE thing –  LIFE. But on looking the word VERSATILE up I realized  that NUGGETS qualifies as it touches  upon a wide range of subjects – literature, sports, parenting, poetry , philosophy, music, history  and draws a parallel of each to LIFE .* Hence it is both “multifaceted” and “flexible” which is the very definition of VERSATILE.   Thanks Holly for helping me realize that by nominating this Blog! 😉 

Now the Rules:

1.  Thank the person who shared the award with you by linking back to them in your post. 

2.  Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know that you included them in your blog post.

3.  List 7 things about yourself. (end of post.)

These are my recently discovered 15 nominees for the AWARD

1) Sarah smiles awhile:

2) My Eventful Life  :

3)The Authentic Me :

4)It’s a long story :

5) Bola Babs :

6) Khushboo’s Blog :

7)The Wuc :

8)Baked Stale :

9)Balladeer’s Blog :

10)The Frivolous Rantings of a University Student :

11)Twirling Girl :

12) The Song of Life :

13)Euphoric Euphoria by Wan Azhar :

14)Zilch :

15)Vilho’s Blog :

Now 7 things about me:

Welcome to my world of paradoxes…

1)     I’m extremely simple and yet can be quite complex too.

2)     I’m a people person but not a people pleaser, 

3)     I enjoy friendship but thrive on solitude,

4)     Love the promise of a new day but am a night owl,

5)     Thoroughly organized but  diversely creative.

6)      A true encourager and yet often too straightforward with criticism- …am working on it! 😉

7)     I keep my phone conversations to the minimum and yet could write the longest mails.

Well, that is my NUGGET about me…keeping it short, sweet and simple…

Thanks once again Holly for this lovely opportunity.

Each and every blog above deserves this nomination. Be sure to check them out.



Sparky laurie



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